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Charleston's first healthy food restaurant celebrates over 4 decades of service.

We've been serving "Smart Eats & Treats" to the area's health-conscience population since the 1970s. Our delicious quality food is always fresh and never processed. Made from scratch at our convenient location in Charleston's Westside Food Mecca, 706 Central Avenue.


MON-TUE-WED-FRI 10AM - 5PM  •  THU 10AM - 6PM  




The Shape Shop Cafe is now diabetes friendly

Your great health is a top priority for us, so we’ve developed our menu to reflect that promise.

We now use Stevia as our sweetener in all Shape Shop products. Stevia is naturally grown and renewable. Many items are practically sugar-free. Please check labels!


**Erythritol carbs have no calories or effect on blood sugar and is the sweetener in our ice cream cups

Note: Diabetics are advised to consult with their healthcare professionals.


Meet the woman behind the
Shape Shop Cafe 

Millie Snyder is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, and entrepreneur. She has been positively impacting people’s lives for nearly fifty years with her message of healthy living.  With her message, she provides the tools for living a longer, healthier life, which produces growth along the way to become the best you possible.


From September 23, 1969 to July 15, 2013, Millie was the president and CEO of Weight Watchers in West Virginia. Throughout her presidency, Weight Watchers expanded to 51 of 55 counties in West Virginia, ten counties in Northeastern Tennessee, five counties in Ohio, and two counties in Kentucky. In 1976 she opened up the Shape Shop Cafe, serving healthy, fresh, never-processed foods and treats, catering to all those in pursuit of nutritious fare.


The Shape Shop Food Truck Has Arrived!

Smart Eats & Treats to your area!

The Shape Shop Food Truck is out on the road and people are loving having the great, healthy Shape Shop Cafe food available closer to work.

Check out this fantastic publicity for healthy food truck eating. Studio 3, a news magazine from WSAZ did an entire show on food trucks. 
Check it out!

Follow our Facebook page for daily updates of where you can find us at lunch or at evening concerts around the Charleston area!

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